Fair-Haired Dumbell

The Fair-Haired Dumbell (FHDB) sits in the heart of Portland, OR’s east side. The pair of six-story buildings are fully wrapped from street to sky. They don the work of, world famous, artist James Jean. The visionary, Guerrilla Development’s concept is a push to break from the norm of modern city development to create a one of a kind landmark.

Guerrilla Dev contacted Portland local, renowned large scale commercial muralist, Dan Cohen (Dc-Creativelabs.com) to hand paint James’ work on the two buildings. No easy feat, Dan hired me to assist him on painting this project. The FHDB was painted during Spring-Summer of 2017. It took six and a half months of prep and painting to complete. Sporting 48 colors and countless lines The Dumbell is a wonder to behold. Through this project I gained the confidence and technical abilities required to produce large scale murals.