The Fair-Haired Dumbell

The Fair-Haired Dumbell, FHDB, are a pair of six-story creative offices. They are located in Portland, OR. Guerilla Development, a pioneer in Unique and creative design, had the idea to wrap the entire outer surface of the FHDB in a hand-painted mural. Guerrilla Dev choose ,world famous, James Jean as the artist to provide his signature style to the project. Reaching out to a local renowned large scale commercial muralist Dan Cohen to provide the work to bring the art from concept to life.

Dan Cohen hired me to prep and paint the eight sides of these buildings. Over the Spring and Summer of 2017 we labored for six and a half months to bring Portland this ground breaking landmark. Sporting 48 individual colors this mural wraps every surface and will continue onto the roof in coming years. This project has provided the skills and techniques required to produce large scale murals. Enjoy!