The Fair-Haired Bumbell

The Fair-Haired Dumbell, FHDB, was a transformative project for my career. These two, six-story creative offices are located on the Eastside of Portland, OR. Guerrilla Development came up with a concept to cover two buildings floor to ceiling in original artwork. The art of James Jean, was selected from a group of artist. James Jean is a world famous illustrator. Guerrilla Dev contacted, a Portland local, Dan Cohen ( renowned for his Large Scale commercial Mural work to take James' work from concept to reality.

Dan hired me to assist him in the prep and painting of the FHDB. I was trained in many techniques for large-scale mural work. The project was completed over six and a half months during Spring-Summer of 2017. Completely hand-painted the mural sports 48 unique colors. The Dumbell is a crowning jewel of Portland’s break from the norm. This project allowed me to feel comfortable accomplishing large-scale mural work in a precise way.