Caleb Jay is currently residing in Portland, OR. His passion and free-time are devoted to the arts. "Add to cart" is not the type of art he makes. When Caleb is inspired, great creations come from his soul and find home on the canvas. Working with clients Caleb has bridged his abilities to creating one of a kind murals that are a collaborative process between clients dreams and Caleb’s reality.

A style that has originated from the dream. Caleb Jay found that, he creates unique works that only find similarity in colors. The work allows the viewer to peer deep into its surface and realize they are staring into their own soul.

Caleb Jay moved from Tukwila, WA to Portland, OR in 2013. With the goal to further his dreams of being a self-sustaining artist. Caleb's wide experience in life has led to a broad portfolio. Now, as a full time, self supported, artist Caleb Jay is capable of providing: Private /Corporate Murals, sign work, illustrative commissions, and branding and logo design.

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