Private Commissions

Mural work has started to become my focus in recent years.  The murals are commissioned works that help to transform personal or public space.  As an artist, I take pride in being the conduit for which the client can bridge their thoughts and feelings to reality.  I create designs that incorporate the ideas, imagery, and desires of the client - making each work unique. Not sacrificing my style I take their input and my output is my highly detailed, color driven aesthetic. These are a collection of older and smaller projects. Enjoy!

“Myco_Society” Latex paint, Acrylic aerosol on Wood Panel. (2018) w/ Leo Shallat

“Elamurial” latex paint, Acrylic aerosol. (2018) Taylor Electric Building for PSAA

“Cosmic Lotus” | Acrylic Aerosol, on wood panel, 4’x9’ (2017) | Yoga NW Portland, OR

“JellyFresh” Acrylic Aerosol on wood Panel. 8’x8’ for Green Tiki Cannabis Co. (2016)

“The Beginning”| Acrylic Aerosol, Latex Paint. 18’x 38’ (2015)

“Phoenix Rising” Acrylic Aerosol. 2014